wp65541a26_05_1aTreat With Care

Medical records are the core of AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™. The Treatment Whiteboard module is just one more way that AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ offer TRUE electronic clinical records (EMR) that are incorporated into all areas of your practice. The Treatment Whiteboard module brings the idea of the whiteboard to a digital level. The Treatment Whiteboard module comprises both treatment and request sheets across the board!

Treat With Care

wp51bf4b7f_05_1aFor the Doctors

Doctors can make new requests either from a customized list or develop new requests on the fly. The confusion of transcribed requests is eliminated to guarantee request and treatment accuracy. Each doctor can have their own requests custom-made to how they practices. All patient orders can be viewed for a 24-hour time frame in 60-minute increments, thus increasing patient treatment synergy between shifts.

wpdc674d7e_05_1aFor the Technicians

Technicians can see all requests required by area at each AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ workstation, the easy-to-view design guarantees that technicians can see all treatments at a glance. When a technician completes a treatment, the outcomes are entered automatically in the patient’s TRUE electronic medical record. The Treatment Whiteboard module eliminates double entry and missed charges and guarantees coordination among staff on treatments. When a treatment is completed, results are entered in the records, put on the Flow Sheet for quick viewing, and billable items are placed on the invoice. The treatment sheets can also be printed, if necessary.

wp02514ed9_05_1aFor the Hospital

The Treatment Whiteboard Module increases practice profits. Missed charges are altogether decreased, time is saved by the elimination of double entry, correspondence among clinical staff is improved, and medical care is incorporated across the practice over time. You can even have the treatment whiteboard projected on a large screen for easy viewing. Orders can likewise be relegated to different departments, offices, or regions so that you do not have to sift through various areas and see just your individual treatment orders.