Using an electronic medical record (EMR) software system at your veterinary practice (regardless of the size of your practice) can improve your business, increase your income, and increase excellence in patient care universally. However, transitioning from a traditional paper-based system to EMR software requires some skills and expertise.

Research shows that just upgrading your system isn’t enough and it’s extremely important to train your employees. This blog post will explain how you can do so.

Assess Staff Basic Computer Skills

Before you switch to an EMR software, it’s important to assess all your staff members’ basic computer skills. They might be great at handling paperwork, but when it comes to dealing with software, some staff members can feel intimidated so some basic computer skills are important.

Select the Most Tech Savvy Staff Members as Mentors

It is a good idea to tap your current staff members to help you transition to EMR solutions. Select some of the most tech-savvy employees as mentors to help in the learning and transition. Using existing staff members as mentor can help build a team environment. Mentors can streamline the process and help other employees learn the required skills. Using existing staff members as mentors is important because they understand the various job functions so are sensitive to the needs of learners, while helping encourage the integration of the EMR.  Look for individuals who not only have some computer literacy, but have good learning and teaching skills.

Provide Specialized Training

While you don’t have to train every employee to be an expert at using the software, it’s still very important to provide specialized training to a few critical team members to ensure buy-in across the practice. Using your software provider to train employees often has the best return on investment, because the software providers are experts in their EMR system and the industry so they can help staff members in all job aspects to make their jobs more efficient using the EMR solution.

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Keep Staff Members Involved and Value their Feedback

Apart from training and preparing your staff, you should also keep them involved in the process of implementing the new EMR and be sure to value their feedback. Explain to them your vision and why you think using an EMR software is good for the practice, the patients, the clients, and each staff member. At the same time, ask staff in all areas for their feedback and suggestions as well. It is good to convey this feedback to your EMR provided trainer to ensure the software is tailored to fit the needs of your practice and staff as much as possible. If any of your employees are uncomfortable at handling something, avoid forcing them, designate them with some other tasks, and consider ways to gently get them involved with the new technology.


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