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The Laboratory Add-on module removes the headache and dreariness from transferring laboratory results to the patient’s record from your lab equipment. Utilizing the Laboratory Add-on permanently places laboratory results in AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ and permits you to audit tests for accuracy and then store them in the patient record.

The Laboratory Add-on module can simultaneously import various in-house laboratory analyzers from multiple organizations on a single PC. It can likewise effectively be associated with outside online reference laboratories, like ANTECH®, IDEXX, or Zoetis, so that you can wipe out monotonous downloads and manual entry. Results can be seen from the Laboratory tab and the patient’s medical record in the Operations Center from any workstation. Results can show graphing and tabular type results for various time periods and further detail.

Features and Benefits

Online Reference Lab Integration

This integration will make it feasible for your clinic to effectively associate with the ANTECH®, IDEXX, or Zoetis reference laboratories, giving you the ability to send requisition orders directly from your PC. Results will automatically be returned from ANTECH®, IDEXX, or Zoetis, populating your patient’s medical record with the essential data so you may precisely treat your patients.


The Laboratory Add-on module can permit you to go paperless, and standardized reports can be printed from the Laboratory tab or the Graph Laboratory Values viewing screen.


Since the Laboratory Add-on module enters results straight into the patient record, laboratory communications to reference sources or clients can automatically be created.

Medical Records

The Laboratory Add-on module consequently posts the laboratory results to the record of the particular patient when allocated.


The Laboratory Add-on module permits up to three sets of related values from a similar analyzer to be compared on a graph for review at a glance. The doctor can then view trending by comparing results over time, not just the same outcomes, but numerous outcomes! This helps make your diagnostic process simpler to see patterns.