If you own a veterinary practice, you may be familiar with improvising most functions to make it work. However, unexpected events can happen, reducing efficiency and stopping important workflows.

A disorganized system only worsens this situation, affecting your customers and sales. Inefficient practices mean you lose out on valuable income.

Here are some ways to regain control of your practice while boosting efficiency.

Hire the Right Staff

Efficiency in the practice depends heavily on the coordination between the people working in it. You may think that hiring someone with many skills is the key to success, but what if they don’t get along with the rest of the staff? The resulting conflicts may stall work and reduce productivity.

Revisit your hiring process and try to focus on the right attitudes and technical skills to create a balance. Don’t hire highly-skilled people with the wrong attitude, thinking that they’d change in the future; hire them for the outlook they currently have and train them for skills later.

People with a good attitude towards teams are more likely to contribute to efficiency and promote the “we” mindset instead of “me.”

Focus on Employee Training

Unless your staff knows their roles and how to perform them, they won’t be efficient. Ensure you prioritize training your staff early and often, and include a thorough understanding of the practice’s core beliefs and mission statement.

Train the recruits to help them adjust and understand their tasks, and train other employees during their careers to continue to improve efficiency.

Reduce Clutter in the Office

Research has shown that efficiency is directly proportional to how clean your office is. Reducing office clutter can improve your practice’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability. A cluttered office will cause more chaos and disorganization in an already mismanaged office.

Moreover, if clients come into your practice and are faced with a messy office, they are likely to develop a negative image of your services as well.

Maximize the Use of Technology

No veterinary practitioner can deny the many benefits of using technological tools to improve workflows.

Most veterinary practices don’t even have a website, making them unknown to many potential clients. Use the many resources available to help you develop a clinic website and improve communications for your practice.

Additionally, there are many veterinary practice management software programs that help integrate different tools for better efficiency. Keep your prospective and current clients in mind when setting up a system to allow for better operability.

If you don’t know where to start, get in touch with Animal Intelligence International. Our custom-designed software solutions for veterinary practice management allows you to improve efficiency and includes tools for better processes. Contact us to find out more.