Every veterinary practice needs to maintain comprehensive patient histories if there is any hope of delivering consistently excellent patient care outcomes. From prescription records to diagnostic imaging and even patient scheduling—each piece of information is crucial for successful patient recovery. Beyond patient care, there are several types of data relevant to the administration of your practice—this data includes financial records, inventory records, and order invoices, among others. The sheer amount of information you collect is undoubtedly difficult to organize and track—that is where an EMR software can help.

Animal Intelligence Software offers you a way to bring all of this information within easy reach by integrating all of your records through our vet management software. Our cloud-based vet management solution organizes your records, automatically updates them, and gives you summaries or full-reports through a single platform. You can sign up for these add-ons to help with data management in your veterinary practice.

Here are some add-ons you should consider:

Laboratory Add-On

The Animal Intelligence Software laboratory add-on makes it incredibly easy to transfer lab reports from your laboratories to the patient’s records. It also creates standardized reports, automatically updates patient records, creates graphs to measure relevant variables, and connects you to ANTECH and IDEXX reference labs.

When connected to our AIMedPortal, this add-on simplifies correspondence with clients to keep them updated on treatment progressions and prescription requirements. This consolidation of lab data with your central records and patient communication platforms eliminates many of the inconveniences associated with patient-doctor correspondence.

The Whiteboard Add-On

Global Vet’s whiteboard add-on centralizes the various bits of information relevant to each stakeholder in the treatment. The doctor sets up patient orders in as much detail as needed, accessible by the present technician. The orders are summarized to allow technicians to understand them with a cursory glance. Upon completion, the technician can mark the order as completed.

This eliminates double-entries and encourages greater synergy between doctors and technicians—ultimately contributing to improved treatment outcomes.  The resulting increase in efficiency also expands your treatment capabilities to generate more profits for your practice.

Integration With QuickBooks

Global Vet also keeps track of all the financial records relevant to your practice. This includes profit/loss figures, fee collections, the costs of new prescriptions, and inventory replenishment. All of this data can be easily transferred to QuickBooks for financial analysis to keep up with tax obligations, track payments, and identify financial trends for your practice.

Animal Intelligence International is a vet management software vendor based in Australia that serves multiple veterinary industries across the world.

We offer a wide range of PMS solutions for veterinary practices that include cloud-based veterinary software solutions. These solutions can be integrated with laboratory databases, can consolidated comprehensive patient histories, and you can choose to add financial modules to centralise clinical management through a single software.

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