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Experience the power of Global Vet™ delivered to your practice through a customized Online solution

Brought to you by Galalee Software Solutions, Global Vet™ was designed specifically for the international Specialty, Emergency, Referral, and General veterinary practices. Global Vet™ is a complete online veterinary practice management software solution that provides True SMART Electronic Medical Record, invoicing, text messaging, and more.. to increase your profits, improve compliance and drive revenues. Global Vet™ offers a unique comprehensive medical record system that allows for the complete customization of premier medical records designed to fit the needs of your practice.

Customized Medical Record Solution

  • Designed around the needs of your practice
  • Automatic generation of invoice and estimate charge capture
  • NO Record locking - Multiple concurrent user entries possible
  • Create customized prescription labeling automatically from entering into the medical record
  • Create personalized, automated discharge and client instructions designed to your specifications
  • Out of the box customized templates ready for you

Built for the International Veterinarian

Global Vet™ was built with the international veterinarian in mind, with the capabilities to have the program in your language. Global Vet™ features 10 different languages.

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Japanese
  • Portugues
  • Spanish
  • Russian

Increase communication between your staff and clients by using the chat or text messaging features directly in Global Vet™. Automate Text Message sent to clients for appointments or reminders. Then see client text message responses directly in the program.

Easily track medications prescribed to a patient and automate printing pharmacy labels with the number of refills left available to the patient. Prescribe the number of refills and quantity to be given for the patient for a medication.

In the Global Vet™ General Practice Edition, create customizable patient Wellness plans to offer a complete preventive care plan to each of the patients you see and easily track each service remaining for the patients plan.

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