1. How You Should Use Veterinary Management Technology

    Efficient veterinary management practices can help you deal with emergency situations and provide the best possible veterinary solutions. In this blog post, we'll discuss how you can use veterinary management technology efficiently for the best results. Incorporate Guidelines into Your Management Software Whenever a new patient comes in, veterinarians have to follow a particular procedure that inv…Read More

  2. How to Use EMR Software to Integrate Medical Records Seamlessly

    Animal Intelligence Software, Inc. has been dedicated since 1993 to keeping veterinary medical records integrated with all other practice management functions. With the help of vet management software and cloud-based vet management solutions, you can organize medical data, and keep all records up-to-date without any hassle. Let’s have a look at some add-ons that can help you integrate all aspe…Read More

  3. Train Your Employees to Use EMR Software Efficiently

    Using an electronic medical record (EMR) software system at your veterinary practice (regardless of the size of your practice) can improve your business, increase your income, and increase excellence in patient care universally. However, transitioning from a traditional paper-based system to EMR software requires some skills and expertise. Research shows that just upgrading your system isn’t en…Read More

  4. How to Optimize Your Vet Practice’s Operations

    Small-scale veterinary practices can work on traditional systems; however, when they expand, they require vet management software to be able to track the increased number of transactions and appointments and increase workflow efficiency. It helps them become organized and oversee everything easily. Here’s how you can optimize your vet practice’s operations. Refine the Protocols of Your Vet P…Read More

  5. Why Vets Need Vet Management Software

    Veterinary management software is required to help the day-to-day operations of a veterinary clinic. It can help with keeping track of the patients’ demographics, scheduling appointments, and their finances. Vets rely on them heavily to be able to run a smooth and efficient practice. Here a few reasons why vets need vet management software. It Helps Simplify the Process and Improves Productivit…Read More

  6. FAQs On Vet Management Software

    Vet management software is absolutely transforming how vet practices are running in today's digital age for the better. Here are the answers to some common frequently asked questions that practice owners transitioning to such a software have. What is vet management software? Vet management software is software that helps vet practices run their day-to-day operations as well as long term record-k…Read More

  7. How to Offer Personalised Service Using Practice Management Software

    Veterinary practices benefit from offering personalised services to customers. Personalised customer experience increases customer loyalty and generates higher revenue. Offering personalised recommendations also increases impulse buy and helps to grow the business. Here are some ways veterinary practices can use an online veterinary practice management software to offer more personalised service …Read More

  8. Using CRM Software to Successfully Grow a Veterinary Practice

    Veterinary practices are constantly busy dealing with new patients, diagnosing their conditions, providing them treatment plans and more. The administrative part of a veterinary practice requires time and effort to ensure smooth and efficient handling of customer data such as scheduling appointments, answering customer queries, providing clients with test results, etc. Here’s how veterinary prac…Read More

  9. The Increasingly Important Role of Technology in a Veterinary Practice

    In 2018, a total of 12,769 veterinarians registered with the Australian Veterinary Boards Council. Advancements in technology have made computerization an essential part of veterinary practices. Technological innovations have allowed veterinarians to effectively communicate with their clients and increase the business's efficient functioning. Let's discuss the vital role technology is now playing…Read More

  10. How to Increase Efficiency at your Veterinary Practice

    If you own a veterinary practice, you may be familiar with improvising most functions to make it work. However, unexpected events can happen, reducing efficiency and stopping important workflows. A disorganized system only worsens this situation, affecting your customers and sales. Inefficient practices mean you lose out on valuable income. Here are some ways to regain control of your practice wh…Read More