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Every step of your client experience matters

Increase client interaction and participation in medical care

AIMedPortal ™ is the perfect Client Relationship Management and Communication solution to redefine your client interactions.  It is designed for all kinds of international medical practices.

Clients expect to do things on their own with more control from their smartphones at their convenient time. Now they can with AIMedPortal ™.  AIMedPortal™ is an intuitive, simple, and easy-to-use Client Communication and Management system.  AIMedPortal™ is built to support the geographic location of any business, and the program is available in your own language.  AIMedPortal™ offers 11 languages: English, English (Great Britain), Português, Nederlands, Español, Deutsch, Русский, Français, Polski, עברית, and Italiano.

Easily communicate with your clients to stay up to date and provide better service to your clientele base.

  • Getting clients in touch with your business has never been easier via click-to-call, email, online chat, or text message.
  • Enable your clients to take action online by syncing your calendar for them to book new appointments or reschedule pre-booked appointments.
  • Bill payment/services.
  • Share documents with your clients or ask them to upload files to you.
  • Create automations to remind clients of routine services that need to be performed.

You can communicate with new clients and market your business to reach existing clients that you haven't seen in a while.

  • Generate more business by interacting with your existing clients and reaching potential clients anywhere.
  • Induce leads from your website or social media and drive action through email communications.
  • You can also attract clients through social media, digital advertising, or blog posts. With just one tap, you can guide your clients to interact with your online business.
  • Communicating with several clients at the same time also becomes easy.

Secure Interactive Client portal (HIPAA compliant)

  • Clients can log in to their secure personal portal from your website or email notification.
  • Clients can view past communications with their clinic within the portal.
  • Secure online payment of service fees via credit card or PayPal.
  • Send invoices to your clients directly within the portal.
  • They may even postpone upcoming appointments.
  • Create automation to schedule appointments and remind clients of upcoming clinic events.

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