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AIGenesis Telemedicine Edition V1™

Experience the powerful features of the new AIGenesis™ Telemedicine Edition V1 program for your practice through a secure custom cloud solution. AIGenesis™ is designed for general veterinary practice, with easy-to-use, customizable, and feature-rich solutions designed to help your practice grow.

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Discover the power and flexibility of a user-friendly cloud solution

AIGenesis Telemedicine Edition V1 ™ focuses on Truly Customizable Electronic Medical Records designed to meet the needs of your general veterinary practice. Easily create medical record templates specific to individual doctors, departments, or employee group types. Our online solution enables you to run AIGenesis Telemedicine Edition V1™ from any device, anywhere. Rest assured, your data is completely safe in our state-of-the-art backup data center.


Improve efficiency and service by using Telehealth/Telemedicine video chat appointments directly integrated into the program. Telehealth/Telemedicine can help your doctors provide real-time patient care when in-person visits are unavailable.  Strengthen your relationship with clients and patients, improve your results and loyalty to the practice.  Don't worry when you need to consult with a specialist; we are integrated with IDEXX Telemedicine service.  The specialist will review your case and provide collaborative consultation to help with patient care.

Client Communications

Improve face-to-face communication between your employees and clients with text and photo messages, emails, faxes, and postcards delivered directly through the program.  Increase employee efficiency by automating appointment reminders, vaccinations, follow-up tracking, and renewals.  Reduce "no call, no show" appointments by sending confirmation messages. Get more loyal clients with often-overlooked services by sending postcards from our integrated, robust, easy-to-use, and streamlined online postcard store.

Credit Card Processing

With an Ezidebit solution, you can make it simple for your customers to pay, by offering a range of payment methods. In return, you can spend less time chasing late payments and gain back precious time in your day.

Wellness Plans

In AIGenesis™, create customizable patient Wellness plans to offer a complete preventive care plan solution to each of the patients you see. Easily track each service remaining on a patients plan.

Additional Feature Add-ons

Further develop your operational efficiency by integrating internal laboratories (Heska, IDEXX, Zoetis), online reference laboratories (Antech, IDEXX, Zoetis), electronic treatment whiteboards, mobile travel clinic visits, and financial data transfer to QuickBooks Desktop.

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