Transitioning to an electronic medical record (EMR) software system is daunting to some veterinary practices, because they fear they’ll lose the comfortable familiarity of a traditional paper-based system. EMR software, however, has many benefits, and with the right training, your staff will be used to it in no time, no matter how complicated it may be.

Simply implementing EMR software isn’t enough according to research—training is crucial to avoid errors, setbacks, employee turnover, and other day-to-day frustrations throughout the implementation process and beyond.

In this piece, we’ve compiled four critical tips you should practice when training employees to use EMR software.

Assess Employees’ Computer Skills

For practices that have predominantly paper-based environments, it’s critical that employees’ computer skills are assessed. This may not be required for practices that have already implemented practice management software or other health technologies.

Once their skills are assessed, it’s important to provide adequate computer training to help make the transition smoother.

Designate a Few Tech Savvy Employees to Train the Others

Your staff members will undoubtedly have questions regarding EMR software as they use it. To help streamline the process, you will need to designate a few employees who picked up the software fast to train others. Here’s how you can identify these users, look for the following traits:

  • Proficient computer literacy
  • Quick learning skills
  • Excitement for the new EMR system
  • Willingness to help others with the system
  • Natural leaders
  • Well-respected by staff members
  • Have been in the organisation for at least a year

Specialised Training

Far too many veterinarian practices make the mistake of training every employee to use every part and feature of the software. This is time-consuming, impractical, and not to mention overwhelming for your employees. You will slow down the implementation process by taking such an approach.

Instead, identify the features that specific departments and employees will be using to perform their daily tasks and train them to use those.

Conduct Post-Implementation Feedback Sessions

Implementation is simply one part of the training process. Once the EMR software is up and running, the odds are that you’ll run into a number of problems—technicians may not understand a feature, a workflow may need to be completely redesigned, etc.

To identify issues with the system and prevent further errors from occurring, have your employees provide feedback. Schedule bi-monthly meetings with different members of the clinic to hear their experiences with the system. Ask them to suggest improvements, and adjust the system accordingly.


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